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오피스 워크 소프트웨어社 ‘OrgChart Platinum 10’ 출시

조직도 및 인력 운용 계획 솔루션의 선두업체인 OfficeWork Software는 ‘Orgchart Platinum 10’을 출시했습니다. 이 신제품은 조직도 시각화, 조직 설계 시나리오 모델링, HR(Human Resource)분석 수행에서의 융통성을 높입니다. 버전 10의 새로운 기능으로는 Oracle과 SAP및 기타 인사정보 시스템에서 인적자원 데이터를 직접 가져오는 기능이 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 orgchartpro.com에서 확인할 수 있습니다.

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OrgChart Platinum adds flexibility in helping organizations manage their organizational structure and workforce planning.

Novato CA, August 29, 2017, OfficeWork Software, a leader in organizational charting and workforce planning solutions, has released OrgChart Platinum 10. This new release contains important functionality that allows our users more flexibility when visualizing their organizational structures, modeling org design scenarios and performing HR analytics.

As part of the new release, OrgChart Platinum enhances support for matrix organizational structures and dotted line reporting, now allowing for up to 10 indirect reports per employee. Also new in version 10 is support for direct import of HR data from Oracle as well as SAP and other HRIS systems.

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OrgChart Platinum has always allowed our customers to go beyond the basic organizational chart and view organizations from an operational, functional performance, or many perspectives, critical for effective planning and decision making.

A new PDF editor in OrgChart Platinum version 10 improves collaborative functionality with the addition of a PDF editor. The PDF editor allows the user to use the OrgChart Interactive PDF as a collaborative tool in the workforce planning process or create customized PDF.

To learn about OrgChart Platinum 10 visit our website

OfficeWork Software has also expanded its Expert Services group to help our clients with analysis of their organization.

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