Company Introduction

Unleash your infinite possibilities with IT Optimization!!

We are an IT development company possessing total E-Commerce platform based on the internet technology in Korea.

The Vision(Mission)

1) To be the best online business provider, creating higher values for the business of our clients.

2) Helping staff members together in order to make their dreams come true for the ultimate happiness.

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The Goals(Objectives)

1) Make the leading company in online business industry.

2) Listen to our clients and members carefully for better understanding.

3) Make our clients be successful for their online business.

4) Contribute to the local communities.

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1) Get and Learn new trends in our sectors persistently.

2) Support leading members in order to make their business successful.

3) 40% of company resources should be used for doing current works hard, 30% for innovating current work processes best, and finally 30% for creating the next business models in the future.

4) Show, don’t tell (order).

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