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Turning Data Into Insights-How to use Data Visualization for Storytelling

데이터를 사용하여 전달하려는 내용을 쉽게 설명하고, 역동적이고 설득력 있는 데이터스토리텔링을 위한 시각화 방법.

Last modified - 2017-12-22

9 forces shaping the future of IT

New technologies and approaches will free IT leaders to cut costs, save time and let machine intelligence do the heavy lifting.

Last modified - 2017-08-15

PayPal inks partnership deal with Samsung Pay

The deal will help expand PayPals presence in brick-and-mortar stores.

Last modified - 2017-07-22

6 small steps to digital transformation

Boiling the ocean never works. But the right proof of concept can provide a key transformative example for your entire organization

Last modified - 2016-12-22